Property renovation costs in Germany

Property renovation costs in Germany

Renovation costs of an apartment in Germany depend to a large extent on the year of the last renovation and the overall condition of the apartment. Many old buildings in Germany (Altbauten) that have not yet been renovated, there is quite a bit of work to put in and can be costly for you to renovate. Apartments that were built in the 80s or 90s, the work to put in is rather limited and mainly needs some appearance work to make the apartment looks nice again.

The kitchen and bathroom are very important for tenants and both of them can look outdated and cheap if little attention was paid to “timeless” designs.

Floorings and walls:

Floorings and wall renovations are minor in terms of cash outlflows and uplift the overall appearance of the apartment if the work is done nicely.


Single glazed windows have to be replaced

Aluminium windows without insulation have to be replaced as well

Sometimes there are only minor adjustments necessary such as replacing the inner sealing of the window or adjusting hinges.

A structured Process

The renovation, refurbishment or modernization of an apartment is easy to manage with a structured way of working and costs can be easily saved here.

1. Make a detailed plan of what you want to renovate / renovate / modernize.

2. Find craftsmen!

3. Visit with a craftsman.

4. Purchase of materials

5. Material financing

6. Define the service contract

Table: Apartment Renovation Costs in Germany

Wall and Ceicling painting costs                            30 Euro per sqm

Laying Laminate Flooring.                                      45 Euro per sqm

PVC Flooring                                                            24 Euro per sqm

New Door                                                            1000 Euro per door

Door makeover                                                      30  Euro per door

Replacing windows.                                              105 Euro per sqm

New Bathroom (8 sqm)                                      1500 Euro per sqm

New Plug Socket + Installing.                                 30 Euro

Built in radiator                                                     230 Euro

New Gas bolier                                                   2000 Euro

New Shower Tap.                                                  220 Euro

New Bathroom Vanity Top.                                  200 Euro

Wall mounted toilet                                              150 Euro

Toilet Flushing System renewal.                            65 Euro

Washing Machine Installation                               230 Euro

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