Do you own your property in Germany?

As a foreign investor, you will benefit from the full protection of German law.

German law is highly developed: building codes, tax rates and other protocols can vary across the 16 Bundesländer (federal states).

Here are your legal benefits:

Full freehold title – This is the most common form of real estate ownership, which includes apartments (Wohnungseigentum). After you purchase a property, its ownership will not be transferred until it is entered into the land register. This process usually takes a fortnight, during which period your rights as an overseas investor will be protected by a priority notice.

German tenancy law – This is mostly in favour of the renter, however, there are strong covenants with respect to tenancy applications. German tenants typically favour long term rental agreements due to the competitive nature of applicants in major cities.

Rights of termination – If you choose to terminate an apartment contract, you need to provide tenants with a notice period of at least three months, depending on the length of your rental relationship. You also need to cite good cause, which can include you or a family member moving into the property or the tenant having breached their contract.

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