How to calculate the net size (living) in Germany

How to calculate the net size (living) in Germany

The size of the apartment measured in square meters in the purchase agreement can deviate from the actual living space. Those who re-measure can save money or claim it even back.

But also for you as a future landlord it is important to know which standards exists and to know the pros and cons for each standard because a deviation in calculation can have consequences for the involved parties. One the monthly rent is calculated based on the living space, but also the ancillary costs and the insurance. So we all agree that correct measurements are therefore important.

The question is how do you measure the living space correctly?

This is how the living space calculation works.

A calculation based on the living space ordinance is usually cheaper for the tenant

Landlords would prefer to calculate the living space  with DIN standard 277 as more floor space is fully taken into account, such as balconies or sloping ceilings under surfaces.

How much the different calculation methods differ from each other can be seen in the example of a balcony of seven square meters.

According to DIN 277, it is included in the living space calculation with the full area: 7 square meters.

According to the living space ordinance, it is included in the living space calculation with 50% of the area: 3.5 square meters.

For sloping ceilings, it is essential to take the height of the room into account because parts of the room with a maximum height of one meter do not count towards the living space at all, between one and two meters only 50%. To determine the points precisely, simply place the laser rangefinder on the floor at the edge and move it towards the center of the room. As soon as it shows one meter in height, mark the spot on the floor with adhesive tape. Repeat the same for a room height of two meters. In this way, the proportional areas can be calculated.

In summary:

The living space ordinance regulates exactly which rooms and areas tenants and owners must take into account when calculating the living space. All rooms that belong to an apartment are included in the calculation. These include, for example:

dining room
living room
ancillary rooms such as pantries or storage rooms.

balconies, loggias, roof gardens and terraces 50%

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