Hidden cost of buying property in Germany


From construction year 2000:

Water piping always more copper &stainless steel to plastic.

Insulation nowadays only slightly better. Mostly triple-glazed

windows with right thermal & sound insulation.

From construction year 1980:

Often damaged roof connections & degrees at flat roofs.

Central heating older as of 1985 needs to be changed for emission reasons

From construction year 1970:

A lot of concrete was used. (concrete conducts cold e.g mold can be the consequence) Mostly great and effective floor plans. Flat roofs with moisture problems. Often water pipe problems, outdated Heating systems.

From construction year 1960:

Partly aluminum windows, uninsulated frames, still often single glazing Concrete damage balconies & loggias due to inadequate sealing.

From construction year 1945:

Plaster damage inside and on the facade. thin interior walls. Leaking gas pipes. Lack of fire protection such as fire service directions and fire  protection doors

How to calculate the net size (living) in Germany