German property cities

German property cities snapshot part 1:

Aachen property

Aachen is in the western part of Germany’s borders with Belgium and the Netherlands; Famous cathedral – Germany’s first Unesco World Heritage Site; The king of spa's in Aachen has no "season"; the health-giving spring flows all year.RWTH Aachen world famous University for Engineering - Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing; Average purchase price for apartments are 1500 EUR per sqm(square meter); Apartments between 80-120 sqm (square meter) are highest in demand and are most suitable for investor looking for appreciation; Investor looking for rental yield should consider apartments under 80 sqm which generates the highest rental income per sqm; Agenda 2030 Aachen emphasizes on improvement of commuting for students and funding approvals for campus upgrades-

So in summary investor should look for Student housing concepts

Augsburg property

Augsburg is the third oldest City in Germany and third largest City in Bavaria after Nuremberg and Munich; today the city is known for its role in manufacturing technological and highly specialized equipment such as industrial robots, printing systems, airplane engines, and personal electronic items. As a result, Augsburg is considered Germany's second industrial center for technology, behind Munich. Big companies like Siemens, MAN, KUKA, and Fujitsu Technology and Amazon have offices in Augsburg. The University of Augsburg is one of the most modern universities in the region and relatively small and provide top level research in Transnational Studies, Health Sciences, Resource Management, Materials Science and Applied Computer Science. Average purchase price for apartments are 3200 EUR per sqm (square meter). Augsburg is 1h19min away from Munich.

Munich property prices are skyrocketing an adjustment of Augsburg's property prices is only logical and will continue to rise

Bayreuth property

Bayreuth is in the northern part of Bavaria; it is a modern Economic, Congress and University City that is on it´s way to becoming a High-Tech Centre of the region. Bayreuth has the most beautiful preserved Baroque Theatre in Europe with the Margravial Opera House. It is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 2012. Bayreuth Univesity is famous for Philosophy & Economics. Average purchase price is 3000 EUR per sqm with a potential to grow further because of the practical strategies to attract companies and it's great traffic infrastructure with motorways in north-south (Berlin - Nuremberg - Munich) as well as in east-west direction (Prague - Frankfurt / Main - Paris) and it's connectivity to important business centers, international airports and containerized freight hubs. Nuremberg 80 km, Munich Airport 210 km, Frankfurt Airport 250 km; Port Bamberg 60 km; Port of Nuernberg 90 km;

Berlin property

Berlin is the largest and capital city of Germany; Berlin is the greenest city in Germany with many parks in walking distance. Berlin has a number of famous universities, Humboldt University, Berlin Institute of Technology, Berlin University of the Liberal Arts, University of the Arts Berlin, ESMT Business School. Rental yields are between 3-5%. Average purchase price are ranging between 4000-7000 EUR per sqm. London prices compared to Berlin are 10X higher so makes it cheap on European standards. Shortage of housing will continue to exist and in combination with high annual population growth rates prices can only go up.

Small furnished apartments 1-2 Bedrooms offer the highest rental income per square meter.

Bielefeld property

Bielefeld is a small city but a region with one of the highest economic growth rates in Germany. Textile and clothing manufacture in combination with mechanical engineering are the driving industries. Dr. Oetker, Seidensticker, Gundlach-Group, Dürkopp-Adler, DMG Mori, Schüco are very famous German companies with their headquarters in Bielefeld. The Teutoburg Forest which is considered as one of the best health parks in Germany starts in the southern part of Bielefeld which attracts a lot of tourists. Bielefeld university belongs to the top univesities in Germany, it is particularly noted for  mathematics, engineering and technology programmes. Average purchase price is 2100 EUR per square meter; a structrual low vacancy rate of 0.38% gives sustainable price growth .

Bremen property

Bremen is Germany's second largest foreign trade hub right after Hamburg. Bremen is an attractive location for knowledge intensive services and-high tech industries. Big comapanies like Daimler, Kraft Foods, Brauerei Beck & Co., Kellogg´s, Airbus Group and Rheinmetall Defence Electronics are present in Bremen. The Max Planck Society and the Leibniz Association are affiliated to the University of Bremen which makes Bremen a home to one of the largest communities of scientific researchers in the world. Average purchase price is 2290 EUR per square meter; districts like

Schwachhausen, Oberneuland and Horn Lehe are at the higher price range but building permissions are hard to get which gives these districts scarcity value and the highest upside.

Cologne Property

Cologne is the fourth most populated city in Germany; Cologne's economy is based around the finance sector and media industry; Cologne cathedral was declared a world heritage site; with its five Rhine ports Cologne has the second largest inland harbour in Germany. The University of Cologne is the oldest and one of the largest in Germany. Other academic institutions in the city include the Academy of Media Arts, the Musikhochschule (conservatoire), the German Sport University and the largest University of Applied Science in Germany. Average price is 3800 EUR - 5000 EUR per square meter. unused conversion areas, a home for old factory buildings and industrial plants with permission for renovation or conversion into multi-family houses are an important driver for growth in pricing.

Darmstadt Property

Darmstadt a small city in the heart of the state of Hesse. Darmstadt a home for biotech, pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering / electrical engineering / mechatronics, space technology companies. Global player companies like Merck KGaA and Wella have their headquarters in Darmstadt. TU Darmstadt, Hochschule Darmstadt, Evangelische Hochschule Darmstadt are the best universities. Average purchase price is 3800 EUR per square meter. hardly any new development capacities within and around the city area so conversions from commercial into residential or existing building land are the only options which gives you sustainable prices with a moderate growth potential.

Dortmund Property

Dortmund 8th largest city in Germany. the Dortmund airport, the third-biggest Intercity nodal point in Germany, a highway ring around the city and the biggest European canal port (DE) make Dortmund easily accessible from every direction.  The Technical university of Dortmund is closelsy linked to the Dortmund Technology Centre which links science with economic interests.The initiative "start2grow" supports founders in realizing their plans for new business ideas a whole new area was created under the project name Phoenix West which is a home for micro system technology- (MST) and the IT sector companies. Averagre purchase price is around 2000 EUR per square meter. Given there are a lot of dynamical changes and focus on economic growth Dortmund will have a lot of upside over a mid to longterm period.

Dresden Property

Dresden is the capital city and after Leipzig the second-largest city of the Free State of Saxony; eastern part of Germany close to the border of the Czech Republic. Dresden has a well-developed industrial sector, public sector and offers a great environment for medium size companies. The giant software company SAP is one of the biggest employers in Dresden. Loschwitz and Wachwitz are the most popular areas but prices went up quite a bit. Overall eastern part of Germany with Dresden in particular offers still a better risk/reward profile than in comparison to the BIG cities in the western part of Germany.

Duisburg Property

Duisburg is in the western part of Germany; world's biggest inland port; it is also close to Düsseldorf Airport. The city remains a coal-mining and iron- and steel-manufacturing centre. Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH one of Europe's largest privately owned family businesses is headquartered in Duisburg. General Secretary Xi Jinping visted Duisburg. A big cooperation with Wuhan. Many Chinese are studying at the University of Duisburg/Essen; Average purchase price is 1300 EUR per square meter. with further investments, new developments, and new shopping centre Duisburg has the potential to grow and attract outside investments because of the cheap valuation in comparison to the neighbor city Duesseldorf. However it is important to choose the right area.

Duesseldorf Property

Duesseldorf is the capital city of the German state North-Rhine Westphalia. International airport; Around 100,000 companies are based in the economic area of Düsseldorf from banking, fashion, pharmaceutical, chemicals. Big companies such as Metro Group, Vodafone Germany, E.ON, Degussa and Henkel are headquartered in Duesseldorf; international city; high quality in terms of safe living environment, tolerance, open-mindedness and the famous Rhineland hospitality. Düsseldorf now being a popular destination for foreign direct investment and a shortage of houses will continue to drive prices higher

Erfurt Property

Erfurt is the capital and largest city in the state of Thuringia; logistic hot spot of Germany, multiple highways are crossing, ICE (speed train) goes through Erfrut from Berlin to Munich, Airport; Well known companies in the Erfurt area Siemens, Zalando, DHL, IKEA and Deutsche Bahn. Tourism hot spot (Warburg, Martin Luther, Goethe, Schiller); Erfurt was voted most liveable and attractive city in the category cities till 500,000 inhabitants by a local newspaper; rental yields are high 5-7% and average purchase prices are 2200 euro per square meter which is low for a capital city and gives room for further growth.

Erlangen Property

Erlangen is a city in Bavaria near Nuremberg. headquarters of Puma and Adidas are easily reachable by car. Erlangen is a small city but famous for medical technology no wonder one third of the residents are involved with the university (students, reseachers etc.), and another third work for Siemens. Erlangen is a great investment for your health or if your child decides to study medical technology.

Frankfurt Property

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany and one of the major banking and financial centres in Europe;imposing skyline; finds historical sightseeing attractions among them important locations of the German history. birthplace of famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, major retail place for luxury-minded shoppers; the number of residents has grown the highest in Frankfurt and will continue. Brexit an opportunity for Frankfurt. The extent to which staff will actually be relocated to Frankfurt is entirely unclear, but even if the decision is made for only a small part of the London financial sector, it will still come to a considerable number given that 700,000 are employed in total;  low supply of available properties will drive property prices further.

Freiburg Property

Freiburg is a city in Baden Wuerttemberg. cheerful university town; experience high quality of life, a magnificent landscape black forest; medical infrastructure with leading medical and healthcare facilities such as mineral thermal bathing; and a wide selection of general practitioners, specialists, and hospitals. There are many private insurers offering good plans for Chinese and will be able to find plenty of options to fit their circumstances. The healthcare in Freiburg is typically of an extremely high standard and is one of the recognized benefits of moving to Germany.

Giessen Property

Giessen is located in the middle of the state Hesse. Histortically influenced by science. hometown of the famous chemist Justus who invented a meat extract, a kind of seasoning used in soups. Justus von Liebig lent his name to the town's university, one of the oldest, most venerable universities in Germany, and a museum in Giessen is dedicated to him, the Liebig-Museum. The town also boasts the world's first ever mathematics museum, the mathematikum. A friendly univerity town with with its medieval castles is ideal for taking time out. There are very many international students in Giessen and around 300 from China. The town is very friendly and very safe here. supervision at the university is really good, and it's not chaotic.

Göttingen Property

Göttingen is a city in the southernmost part of the German state of Lower Saxony, bordering Hesse and Thuringia. University city, the city of Gauss and Lichtenberg. Around 26.000 students live in Göttingen. Since the foundation of the university, scientists with international reputation and more than 40 Nobel Prize winners have lived, taught und researched in Goettingen. Huhangwu is in contact with real estate developer for purpose-built student accommodations which offers a great opportunity for a modest cash price in a top university town and a guaranteed income.

Greifswald Property

Greifswald is a city in northeastern the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, at an equal distance of about 250 kilometres  from Germany's two largest cities, Berlin and Hamburg; close to the polish border. Tourism plays a vital role as Greifswald is situated between the islands of Rügen and Usedom on the popular German Baltic coast, which brings in many tourists. One of Europe's largest producers of photovoltaic modules, Berlin-based Solon SE, has a production site in Greifswald. The world's third-largest producer of yachts worldwide, HanseYachts, is based in Greifswald. The University of Greifswald is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Germany and the Baltic Sea Region. Research at the University covers a broad spectrum, with five key fields of research: Community Medicine and Individualized Medicine, Environmental Change: Responses and Adaptation, Cultures of the Baltic Sea Region, Plasma Physics, and Proteomics and Protein Technologies. Studying conditions in Greifswald are excellent. Due to its geographical position in the Baltic Sea Region, cultural and academic contacts have grown historically, especially to partners in Poland, the Baltic States and to Scandinavia.

Hamburg Property

Hamburg is the second-largest city of Germany a major port city in northern Germany, is connected to the North Sea by the Elbe River. dominated by the maritime industry. aviation, automotive, bio-tech, media. Hamburg aims for the city to be awarded the title of 'European Capital of Innovation 2020. key growth drivers are the prosperous economic situation, the robust employment market, increasing population figures thanks to inward migration; high purchasing power, a significant surplus demand in the housing market for all property types (apartments, single-family/ two-family houses and apartment buildings) from private persons /owner-occupiers, private investors and institutional investors, very low housing vacancy rates, low supply of available properties will create a further squeeze in demand and lead to higher prices

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