Airbnb in Germany

Airbnb in Germany

I have received a lot of questions about Airbnb as a rental strategy in Germany.  And I have mixed feelings about this strategy. Yes, you can generate a higher rental income per month in comparison to long-term tenants. But running an Airbnb rental income strategy comes at a price such as additional administration, additional taxes, damages and liabilities.

Now in this blog post I would like to explain the process to successfully use the Airbnb platform to rent you your apartment in Germany.

Can you make money on Airbnb with your apartment?

To calculate the expected rental income you can simply search on Airbnb and enter the details of your apartment. Here is the link:

Check the number of guests and overnight stays in your city

Go to the tourism website of your city and check the numbers of guests and overnight stays in combination of seasonalities in your city.

Here is the link for Frankfurt:

Here is the link for Berlin:

Here is the link for Cologne:

Here is the link for Duesseldorf:

Here is the link for Hamburg:

Here is the link for Stuttgart:

How to determine the average price per night?

Use the existing Airbnb advertisements in the neighbourhood of your apartment and find similarities. At the end the price is a function of:

  • High quality pictures
  • Professional copy
  • House rules
  • Cleaning service
  • Reviews
  • Additional services

Know your operating costs:

Knowing your operating costs is particularly relevant for your rentability calculation

  • Cleaning fees
  • Internet fees
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Reserves for damages (some of it will be covered by Airbnb)

Taxation hosting in Germany

There are a couple of boxes to tick here: First you have to classify your tax identity with the tax authority. Private or commercial activity. Second VAT payments. And third bed taxes.

Airbnb has an agreement with the local communities and automatically collects this bed tax for every booking and pays it to the tax authorities.

Here you can check the bed tax collections by Airbnb for each city:

You can find more good information on tax treatment for short-term rentals in this paper published by PWC

Does Germany have property taxes?