Overseas Buyers

The First All-In-One Solution
for German real estate overseas buyers


We offer comprehensive due diligence to real estate development projects. We are a trusted partner of developers in the big 8 cities in Germany:
Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Leipzig.


We use in-house analytic tools to identify capital growth opportunities in the best district of each city in Germany.


Our international team coordinates the buying process from beginning to the end - between clients, developers and notaries.


We give you up to date information on rental behaviour, new property developments and other related information.


We give you access to buy-to-let opportunities from off-plan to completed properties.


Our international team of experts give you access to a vast network of well established real estate developers, German lenders, tax advisers and property management companies.

A Streamlined Buying Process

Step 1:
Work With Us

Have a meeting with one of our consultants to go over investment options tailored to your needs to make the best decision.
Step 2:

Reserve the property under your name until the deal gets to completion.
Step 3:
Sign Purchase Agreement

We will walk you through all the legal paperwork and documentation.
Step 4:
Completion & Handover

After the final inspection of the property, we will handover the keys.
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